The three mistakes of our tech life.

(And what we learned from them.)

As a Societal Platform, Reap Benefit aims to bring about systemic change at scale. What is the Societal Platform approach to change?

Source: Societal Platform Website.

We realised that communities and knowledge bases were forming, but we had to build a more scalable knowledge and mentoring asset through technology.

So we built the Solve Ninja App.

The Civic Forum.
  1. It will engage communities to create solutions to the problems they face and allow them to read up on what others have done with the power of tech.
  2. It will also enable users to link to the chat bot and get one on one mentoring
  3. It can direct them to the forum for expert mentoring
  4. Query data and view analytics.

Technology is a great facilitator and enabler but it is not magic wand and cannot solve all problems automatically.



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